Sunday, May 6, 2012

Junior Miss

Two weeks ago my sister Trynda and I were asked to come back and be the Masters of Ceremony for Aberdeen's Jr. Miss. Jr. Miss is a scholarship program/beauty pageant for junior girls in high school. Trynda and I were really nervous to do it but we're so glad we did! It was so much fun and brought back tons of memories. Each year they have a new theme; this year's theme was 'Journey to Fearless' and was centered all around Taylor Swift. So, Trynda was 'Taylor Swift' for then night, and I was Taylor's best friend 'Abigail'. Abigail has long red hair, so I dyed my hair red for the event, and loved it!!! At the very beginning we did a lip sync to the song "Sparks Fly" and it was so much fun! I wish we had a video to put on here but you'll just have to look at the pictures, some are blury and there's always a light in front of Trynda's fave, but it was the best I had. We really had fun, we found tons of jokes to keep the audience entertained, because that was the thing that worried me the most, was that people weren't going to laugh at our jokes...but we got a few good laughs so I think we did okay :) 

We were stressed out about what we were going to wear but found these awesome dresses at Express and they worked perfect for the night!
 This is the where we made our 'entrance' for the night, the beginning of our lip sync to 'Sparks Fly'.
 Yes, I might have gotten realllly into it :)
 Interviewing the reigning Junior Miss.
 Probably telling a really awesome joke :)
 With my family. We called Stetson and Kyran up for a push up contest and they had no idea! It was great entertainment! My mom couldn't be there because Shantae decided to have her baby the night before, so she had to miss it :(
 Probably some more great jokes....
With the 2012 Jr. Miss, Lauren Sargent.
All the girls in the pageant this year, doing Taylor Swift's signature heart sign.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I LOVE my cricut!

So I realized that I'm averaging about one blog post a month and so this month it's going to be on how much I love our cricut. A few teachers at my school went together to buy a cricut and it's so awesome. I used it to decorate my classroom at the beginning of the year and to make these two bulletin boards for the front entrance of my school. The one for Halloween was advertising for our Halloween Carnival. My 3rd and 4th grade social studies classes are putting on a County Fair this Friday, so I made a display showing which county each student had been studying. Sometimes when I look at the one for county fair I think all my kids look like criminals and those are their mug shots, haha. But that's mostly just on bad days lol. So bottom line is BUY A CRICUT! You won't regret it!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pneumonia anyone??

So I have pneumonia. Three weeks ago I went to Idaho for fall break and got the flu. I had body aches and a fever on an off for the following week, but couldn't stay home because we had parent teacher conferences and our school Halloween carnival. From lack of rest, I began to feel worse and developed a cough that wouldn't go away. I was having chest pains when I coughed and couldn't catch my breath and had a fever of 102, so I went into the emergency room on Tuesday, November 1 and after three hours and a bunch of tests I found out it was pneumonia!!! I went home with an antibiotic, a doctor's note saying I couldn't work for 4 days, and orders to drink lots of liquid and get lots of rest. It might sound nice to be ordered to rest and sleep, but it's almost impossible with pneumonia because I've been coughing non stop. My stomach muscles were so sore and if I ever did get a chance to sleep I had to be sitting up, which was miserable for me because I hate sleeping on my back anyway. I went back to school on Monday the 7th, and it's been nice to be doing something again, but I come home from school exhausted!!! I'm slowly feeling a little better, but being outside makes me cough and I'm still struggling to sleep. Word on the street is that it takes around a full month to finally feel completely better. So maybe until then I'll continue to keep up on all my TV shows and maybe even blog more :) Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Well, it's officially fall and I LOVE it! It's my favorite season because I love fall colors, the smells, the slightly colder weather, getting to wear jackets, boots and scarves, and the upcoming holidays-halloween, bday, thanksgiving and christmas :) Trynda and I have had a fun time decorating out apartment for fall/halloween, and while it isn't much, here's what we've come up with without spending a ton of money....

Friday, September 2, 2011

Here we go again....Round 2 :)

I have began teaching my second year at Reid School. School started on August 23. I LOVE IT!!!! I am amazed at how much smoother and stress free my second year has already been compared to my first year. Here's why: I am teaching 4th grade again, I only have 9 students in my homeroom class, and I teach 3rd and 4th grade social studies, which means I don't have to teach science. Whoo hoo!!!! The third grade teacher and I have swapped so she teaches 3rd and 4th grade science. Which couldn't have worked out better for me since I would rather teach social studies over science any day. So in short things are going great. My classroom is set up and I've added a few things and here's a peek at where I spend my day....



My welcome sign outside my classroom.

Shantae and I made this sign for my classroom. I love it!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer? Yes please....

It's officially summer now because it was finally warm enough to swim in my pool! These cute girls came to join me for the day and we had a fun time. I'm sure we'll be doing a lot more of this throughout the summer as well! I LOVE SUMMER!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

School's Out For The Summer....

My last day to teach school was on May 19th. BEST DAY EVER :) I'm loving having all this free time! My favorite thing about being on summer break is having my mornings back. I love to take my time waking up, go to the gym, make breakfast, and then clean. If I can have that small routine every day then I'm set. Even if I lay around the rest of the day and do nothing, I feel like I've accomplished something. But, just so you don't think I'm going to sit around all summer, here's a few things I plan on accomplishing this summer:

  • being a dedicated blogger :)

  • scrapbooking my first year of teaching

  • reading a TON. my students were required to read 800 pages a month. I plan on doing the same.

  • de-junking my room.

  • decorating my apartment.

  • running in a 5K with Shantae

  • getting a tan

  • planning my CORE lesson plans for next year

  • going on trips! Jenni & Trish-I plan on visiting you both!

  • TV-lets be real, I've got a lot of things recorded that I need to catch up on. Those will include-Community, Friday Night Lights, and How I Met Your Mother.

Even though I have 3 months off I will still be working a little bit. I will go to one month of training-PAID training that is. Then I will be teaching a summer clinic for 3 weeks. Just a few things to keep me busy, but it's completely okay. And it's looking like it's going to be a great summer!