Sunday, May 6, 2012

Junior Miss

Two weeks ago my sister Trynda and I were asked to come back and be the Masters of Ceremony for Aberdeen's Jr. Miss. Jr. Miss is a scholarship program/beauty pageant for junior girls in high school. Trynda and I were really nervous to do it but we're so glad we did! It was so much fun and brought back tons of memories. Each year they have a new theme; this year's theme was 'Journey to Fearless' and was centered all around Taylor Swift. So, Trynda was 'Taylor Swift' for then night, and I was Taylor's best friend 'Abigail'. Abigail has long red hair, so I dyed my hair red for the event, and loved it!!! At the very beginning we did a lip sync to the song "Sparks Fly" and it was so much fun! I wish we had a video to put on here but you'll just have to look at the pictures, some are blury and there's always a light in front of Trynda's fave, but it was the best I had. We really had fun, we found tons of jokes to keep the audience entertained, because that was the thing that worried me the most, was that people weren't going to laugh at our jokes...but we got a few good laughs so I think we did okay :) 

We were stressed out about what we were going to wear but found these awesome dresses at Express and they worked perfect for the night!
 This is the where we made our 'entrance' for the night, the beginning of our lip sync to 'Sparks Fly'.
 Yes, I might have gotten realllly into it :)
 Interviewing the reigning Junior Miss.
 Probably telling a really awesome joke :)
 With my family. We called Stetson and Kyran up for a push up contest and they had no idea! It was great entertainment! My mom couldn't be there because Shantae decided to have her baby the night before, so she had to miss it :(
 Probably some more great jokes....
With the 2012 Jr. Miss, Lauren Sargent.
All the girls in the pageant this year, doing Taylor Swift's signature heart sign.


*Stephanie Lance* said...

This is AWESOME Linds!!! I wish I could have seen you rock it up on that stage! I'm sure you were a rock star! love ya!

The Nicolaysens said...

Wow, you posted on your blog! I think you're dresses were awesome and I'm sorry that Sophie decided to come at 4 in the morning that day, Oh well. Glad we have the video to watch and reminise (is that how you spell that?)